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Choosing the correct Phase Converter for your application

Determining the starting load of your machine will help you choose the correct type and size of phase converter. The easiest way to determine starting loads is to consider the amount of inertia and belt friction that must be overcome for a machine to run. Big heavy parts take more work to get moving.


Easy starting load machines:

Bench grinders

Drill presses

Table saw

Sewing machines

Wheel balancing machines

Woodworking band saw


Medium starting load machines:

Air conditions

Belt drive lathes

Design "E" motors

Dough mixers

Meat grinders

Milling machines

Motors rated under 1000 rpm

Industrial washing machine

Radial arm saw

Surface grinders

Water pumps

Taiwanese, Chinese, Brazilian, Mexican motors


Hard starting load machines:

Air compressors and refrigeration compressors.

Car lifts

Clutch less gear head lathes

Dust collection blowers


Laundry extractors


Ice cream machines

Printing presses.

Thickness planers

Flywheel assisted machinery, such as sheet metal breaks and shears


Important - using a larger phase converter than you currently need is safe, but one that is too small will not work.

Once you have determined if your machine is Easy, Medium or Hard to start:

Click here to go to the Phase converter Page.